A Right of Passage

Last Week I stood before a ninth circuit judge in Florida asking for a judgement that would cause Alabama to change my birth certificate to female.

Something, Alabama will only do if you can prove you had SRS

Sexual Reassignment Surgery.

I was born 47XXY. So I didn’t need surgery. The Hormone Estrogen acts as an amplification of what characteristics I already had present. I evolved without surgery. I did have my one Ovary and one testicle (both of which were underdeveloped, removed)

But not SRS.

So how do I prove that?

I had the privilege to speak at UCF in October after a dear friend asked me to tell my journey to her law students that she teaches.

It was a chance to teach and share about XXY and I jumped at the opportunity.

That lecture led to her class drafting a petition in my honor to put me in front of that 9th circuit judge.

It also has flooded me with a lot of news attention.

I will post the links on here to share.





Now We wait…..

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